Coeur d'Alene National Forest Supervisor William G. Weigle in a report on June 24,  1911,  to the regional forester at Missoula,  had these notations about Oscar Weigert,  who was on the Setser Creek Fire with William Rock:

            72. Oscar Weigert

    Residence of his mother, Mrs. Weigert, Missoula, Montana. Effects, consisting of clothes, cartridges, gun, tobacco, cigarette papers, etc., sent to his mother, Mrs. Weigert, at Missoula. Amount due paid to his mother. Mr. Weigert, apparently thinking that he would be burned to death, committed suicide on the evening of the big fire. The crew Mr. Weigert was with, however, had ample reason to feel that they were in absolute safety, owing to the fact that they were on an area which had received a very hard burn the day before.


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