Coeur d'Alene National Forest Supervisor William G. Weigle in a report on June 24,  1911,  to the regional forester at Missoula,  had these notations about George Smith,  who was on the Setser Creek Fire:


    1. George Smith.

    Home is Missoula, Montana. Identified by Thomas Murphy, San Jose, California. Mr. Smith's father came to Avery a short time after his death for the purpose of removing the body, but he found that he could not do it at that time. Since then we have been trying to correspond with Mr. Murphy and Barney Smith, father of the dead man, but have been unable to reach them up to the present time.
    The effects found upon Mr. Smith consist of one silver watch, open face, 25 jewels, Columbus King make. Watch in Wallace office.
    Buried on Setser Creek.
        Aug. 16 - 12 hours
                17 - 12
                18 - 13
                19 - 12
                20 - 24
                21 - 12
                        85 hours, $21.25 amount due.


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