Research notes

The City Hospital, also called the Community Hospital ,was located at 514 North Second Avenue in Sandpoint.  It was opened in 1907 and was originally called the Page Hospital.   Since the Register of Deaths at the courthouse does not list John Sharkey,  it is presumed that the hospital kept separate death records from the coroner's record (Register of Deaths).  The coroner in 1910 was M. W. Knapp.   The Page (City/Community) Hospital "was torn down to make room for the Bonner General Hospital that opened at 502 North Third Avenue in 1951."

Sources - and Register of Deaths at the Bonner County Courthouse.

A telephone call was made on March 3, 2009 to the

Chippewa County Genealogical Society
123 Allen Street
Chippewa Falls WI 54729


The archivist there was unable to find any Sharkeys among the records of Tombstones in Chippewa County or any Sharkeys in the county Probate Records. - W.B.


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