The Worstell Company Record of Funeral shows that Larry Ryson was buried in the Miners Union Cemetery now a part of the Nine Mile Cemetery at Wallace, Idaho.  Place of Death is recorded as "Bullion Tunnel".  Cause of death is recorded as "Suffocating".  Age is recorded as "47".
            - from Idaho Panhandle National Forests publication,  "Pulaski, Two Days in August, 1910".

    Larry Ryson is one of the eight fire fighters on Taylor's crew who died in the Bullion Mine on August 20, 1910 when the crew sought refuge from the forest fire there.  The Bullion Mine is less than a mile south of the Bitterroot Divide,  the Idaho-Montana state line.  It was just a few miles off the Northern Pacific rail line that crossed the Bitterroot Divide at Lookout Pass.

    Coeur d'Alene National Forest Supervisor William G. Weigle in a report on June 24,  1911,  to the regional forester at Missoula,  had these notations about Larry Ryson:

65. Larry Ryson

    Died in Bullion tunnel. Buried by friends at Wallace, Idaho. Effects, one Elgin Watch, nickel or silveroid, one gold ring with 3 garnets, 2 pocket knives, 2 letters from Supt. Bullion mine. Had many friends in vicinity of Wallace. Was a miner. Estate now in hands of probate judge, Lawrence E. Worstell, Wallace, Idaho.
        Aug.   7 - 14 hours
                  8 - 14
                  9 - 14
                10 - 14
                11 - 14
                12 - 14
                13 - 14
                14 - 14
                15 - 14
                16 - 14
                17 - 14
                18 - 14
                19 - 14
                20 - 12 1/5
                      194 1/5 hours, $48.55 amount due.

    Amount paid to Kathryn O'Rourke, administrator of estate of Larry Ruson, deceased, see voucher No. 1213.


    No headstone remains in the Nine Mile Cemetery for Larry Ryson.


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