The Idaho Press August 25, 1910
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Victims of Bullion Disaster Will Be
               Buried Friday.

    At 2 o’clock this morning the bodies of Larry Ryson, Leslie Zellars and C. Val Nicholson, three of the victims of the Bullion disaster, were brought to Wallace. Men in the employ of the forestry officer, the parents of Zellars and Nicholson, who were not yet of age, accompanied the officers to the spot where the men had been buried temporarily. Soldiers and the army wagon went along beyond Mullan and from that point on the trip was made with pack horses, till the army wagon was met when they were transferred to this and brought to Wallace.
    The funeral of the two youths, Zellars and Nicholson, will be a double one and will be held from the Methodist church, Friday, August 26, at 1:30 p. m. The boys had grown up in the canyon and had attended the schools there. Nicholson was only 16 years of age, while Zellars was 19. They returned to the Bullion only a week ago Monday. They had been working out there before, but came home for a few days.
    The parents are Charles Zellars and Charles Nicholson.


Daily Idaho Press August 25, 1910



Remains to Be Buried Saturday
              Morning Here.

    The funeral of Larry Ryson, who was killed in Bullion mine, will be held Saturday morning at 11 o'clock with services at Ward's chapel. Father Becker will officiate. The interment will be in Miner's Union cemetery.