The Idaho Press   September 1, 1910



    Another dead man has been found in the forests of this district and the death list now amounts to 79, including the fatalities at Wallace a week ago Saturday night.
    Supervisor Weigle received word today of the finding of the body of Con Roberts, one of the Pattison party, on the headwaters of Sherlock creek. Roberts refused to remain with the Pattison party while they were fleeing from the fires and in spite of their entreaties he left the others. Forestry employes found his body. A pack train of horses is going into that section from Iron Mountain to bring out some government supplies that were not consumed in the fire and this party will bring out the body of Roberts.


The Idaho Press   September 8, 1910



    The body of Tommy Roberts, the Coeur d'Alene pioneer, will remain in its temporary resting place in the mountains of the Clearwater country till next summer, when it will be brought to Wallace for burial.
    Alex Penaluna, a nephew of Mr. Roberts has just returned from a trip to the scene of the burial and found that it was impractical to remove the body at this time. The body had been badly burned by the forest fire and it had laid for 10 days exposed to the elements before being discovered, so that it could not be packed out at this time without great difficulty. It was agreed by Mr. Penaluna and others to meet at Iron Mountain, Mont, July 5 and then go in after the body.

Found Near Cabin

    “The body was discovered a mile west of the Sherlock cabin,” said Mr. Penaluna this morning. “After the searchers went into the country they were three days in finding it. We feel very grateful to the forestry department for its work in finding and burying the body.
“Mr. Roberts was making for a basin and subsequent events show that if he had reached this spot it would have proven a haven, for it was not touched by the fire, and is about the only green spot in this whole section. The other members of the party worked around behind the fire and were saved. Mr. Roberts was cut off from the basin by a hairbreadth. Judging from the condition of the country the Pattison party must have spent a night of terror while attempting to escape with their lives.
“The day we came out a fearful storm occurred in the high mountains. Snow and sleet fell and a regular gale was blowing. The horses we rode had been through the fire and had barely escaped with their lives. The roar of the great wind through the dead trees the day we came out recalled to the animals their recent experience and they brought us over the mountain trails at a rapid pace. The 16 miles from the Sherlock place to the Kansas City dredge was made in two hours. This included a climb over an 8000 foot summit and was a rugged mountain trail for nearly the entire distance.
“Thos. Roberts was one of the early pioneers of the Coeur d'Alenes. He went to Eagle during the excitement, nearly 30 years ago and since that time his home had been in this district. After leaving Eagle he went to Murray and later to Gem. For many years his home had been at the canyon town. He was a widower, his wife having died 30 years ago.”