The State of Montana Certificate of Death records the following biographical information about William J. McKay:

Age 45 years      Birthplace   Quebec            Date of Death   Aug. 21 -1910

Single                  Occupation   Carpenter      Burned to death in Forest Fires          

Father John McKay                                 Birthplace of Father Scotland

Maiden Name of Mother Effie Smith      Birthplace of Mother Scotland    

Informant A. N. McKay

W. D. Kendrick Cor[oner]      Anaconda Mont

Place of Burial Anaconda

Undertaker G. A. Barton      Anaconda Mont.

County of Missoula Registration District No. 28 File No. 270 Registered No. 64

 Research notes A telephone call was made to the Anaconda Cemetery Department 406-563-4071 on March 3, 2009. The archivist there could find no record of burial for William J. McKay. The archivist offered the facts that the two cemeteries of that era were Mount Carmel and Upper Hill Cemeteries and that 700 remains were moved in October 1910 as a smelter was expanded. He also said that at one time there were thirteen cemeteries near Anaconda. -W.B.

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