Spokesman-Review   August 23, 1910
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Was Struck by Falling Limb and Run Through Body.

Struck by a falling branch of a burning tree in the forest near Garwood, Idaho, where he was fighting fire, and completely run through the body by a sharp snag driven deep by the weight of the limb, Henry Lierman, age 31 years, was mortally injured Sunday evening and died at the Sacred heart hospital at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon an hour after his arrival.

Lierman and his brother, R. D. Lierman, age 21, had been working on the ranch of Joseph Fisher, and it was while fighting fire on their employer's ranch that the accident occurred. Lierman was fighting the underbrush fire under a burning tree. His brother, seeing a big limb break and hang for an instant, yelled a warning to his brother, who failed to hear him, and was unaware of his danger until the limb fell with a crashing roar through the minor branches and struck him down. His brother rushed to his assistance, and attempted to remove the heavy limb, but hearing a cry of pain, investigated and found a sharp snag had been driven deep into his brother's left side.

The man was hurried to a train and brought to Spokane, which was the quickest method of obtaining medical attention. They arrived at the hospital about 2 o'clock, and Dr. Graves, who was at the hospital at the time, attended him, but the man was beyond all aid.

He is survived by a mother and sister living in Wisconsin. The body is at the New England undertaking rooms. Funeral arrangements will not be made until his people are heard from.


Spokesman-Review   August 24, 1910
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Henry Lierman

The body of Henry Lierman, who was killed by a falling tree while fighting fire near Garwood, Idaho, Sunday, was sent yesterday by the New England Undertaking company to his home in Winneconne, Wis. The brother, R. D. Lierman, accompanied the body. He is survived by a mother and sister. Burial will take place there.


Daily Northwestern   August 27, 1910
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Poygan Man Suffers Fatal Accident In Washington.

(Special to The Northwestern.)

Winneconne, Wis. Aug 27. -- The remains of Henry Lierman were brought here from Spokane, Wash., last evening. He was killed while fighting forest fires. He was thirty-one years old and the son of Mrs. William Lierman of the town of Poygan. Funeral services will be held at the Baptist church in this village Sunday.