Spokane Chronicle   August 26, 1910 Page 2




Was Found Lying Over the Body of
His Dead Master --- Both Burned.

How Patrick Grogan, one of the 24 killed in the forest fire along Setser creek saw death certain and scorned to flee from it, how the camp dog stayed with him to the end and how the charred remains of the two were found, separate from the rest, side by side, and later interred in one grave, was told by returning fire-fighters from the Avery district today.

Grogan was an Irishman, known as a character throughout the northwest. He joined the fire-fighters from Butte and was the oldest man of the 69 stationed on Setser creek.

When the fires appeared threatening early Sunday night the men were given orders to leave. Forty started down the canyon toward Avery, six miles away. Five were out on patrol duty and could not be reached. The remaining 24 elected to stay in the Setser creek camp. Patrick Grogan was one of those who remained.

The 40 had left the camp less than an hour when the fire swept up the canyon from the direction in which they had gone.

Two days later, when the surviving
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