The Idaho Press   September 1, 1910
Page 3



    "The tunnels on the Puget Sound railroad saved the lives of at least 1000 persons," said Sheriff Jack Moffatt, who returned Friday from a trip to the St. Joe district of the county. "While the forest fires were raging, hundreds sought shelters in the company's tunnels, which were open at both ends, lay down with their faces on the floors of the tunnels and in this manner saved their lives. Flames rushed by at both ends of the bores and whipped themselves in at either end for some distance, but the persons who sought refuge in them saved their lives. Nothing could survive the fury of the flames on the mountain sides. Deputy sheriffs have searched the tunnels and have found no dead.
    ".  .  .
    "The town of Adair was destroyed, but in some manner a horse, two cows and some chickens survived. They were running about when I was there. They evidently had got on a burned place and pulled through the fire.
    "The dead body of one man was found on the Loop.
    "The fire acted like a tornado. It appeared to swoop down on a bunch of timber and destroy it and would then travel some distance without damaging the timber when it would again sweep down and fell the trees. The loss of timber has been tremendous."