The Idaho Press 
 September 1, 1910





    The five remaining bodies from the Bullion disaster were brought into Wallace Monday and were taken to Worstell's undertaking establishment. The men were identified as follows.

S. D. Adams, 167 Institute Place, Chicago.
Aaron Benson, Hillsdale, Wis.
Louis Holmes, Birmingham, England.
Ernest Elgin, Wallace.

    The bodies were in good condition and were brought into Wallace without difficulty. They were packed out to the railroad at Borax. An engine and box car met the party there and the bodies were placed in the car and taken to the Willow creek tunnel. On account of the cave-in at the tunnel the bodies were transferred around it. A box car was in readiness on a work train and they were brought to Wallace and will be interred here.
    Holmes is a well known resident of the Coeur d'Alenes, having worked as cook at Wallace for a number of years. About a year ago he returned to his home at Birmingham, England, where he opened an American restaurant. The venture was a failure and he lost all his savings. Friends who aided him also lost their money. The English people did not take to an American restaurant.
    About a month ago he returned to Wallace from Spokane and was chef at the Grill when it opened a month ago. He remained there but a short time. An offer was made to him to cook in the forest fire fighting camp near the Bullion and he went there. He had cooked there a little over a week when the fires got beyond the control of the men and they fled to the Bullion tunnel for protection. Holmes
was one of the eight to meet death.
    Adams is said to be a Persian. Why he adopted the name is not known. His home was at Chicago. Nothing is known here of his family or relatives.
    Benson lived at Hillsdale, Wis. He told other men in the camp that he owned a farm near there and that a wife and two daughters resided on the farm. He said that one of the daughters was about to be married. He claimed to be a Mason in good standing. Telegrams that have been sent to Hillsdale have brought no answer. Benson was quite an old man and was known in the fire gang by the name of “Dad.”
    Nothing is known of Welch and Elgin. They were sent in from Spokane to fight the fires and they gave no information concerning their rela-

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