The Idaho Press
   August 25, 1910
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        DEAD  IN  ASHES


    Three people may have been burned to death in the fire in Wallace. The information given at the inquest held last night and this noon developed that there were probably two bodies in the Coeur d'Alene lodging house and possibly one in the Stanley house.
    The only one whose identity was in any way hinted at was a young man by the name of Curtis, employed as a car repairer by the O. R. & N. and who had been in Wallace a week. He had room No. 9 in the Coeur d'Alene lodging house and the skeleton found in the ashes lay in a part of the basement that was directly under room 9.
    Albert Magnuson, landlord, testified that his wife informed him that there were two people in room No. 9 though she did not say who the second person was.
    In the ashes of the Stanley house there was found parts of a woman's dress, a row of buttons lying in order, the buttons being of the sort used on the back of a woman's dress, while parts of a pair of green stockings were near the dress. Charred bones were found also but the bones were so badly crumbled that it was impossible to tell if they were the bones of a human being or not. If it had been for portions of a pelvis remaining intact it would have been impossible to say that the bones in the Coeur d'Alene house ashes belonged to a person.