Stephen J. Pyne Year of the Fires © 2001
page 212 :

“Thus began a tedious, often futile accounting of those injured and killed, an exercise that exposed the ramshackle process by which the men had been hired and shipped to the firelines. . . .
“ . . . In most instances the deceased left no identifying papers. Rumors, reported friendships, fragments of letters, telegrams thrust into pockets all provided clues. Newspapers across the nation printed the list of casualties, as the dead had recorded their names. Queries rushed in; counterqueries poured out. . . .


page 215:

“. . . August Berger, 'address unknown,' had worked 6 hours on 2 August and then 12 hours a day through 20 August, a total of 222 hours for wages of $55.50. 'Died in tunnel with Pulaski's crew. Had white hair.'”

- National Archives at College Park, RG 95, Records of the Forest Service,
Division of Fire Control, General Correspondence – Claims -- Berger.


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