In 1900 Aaron Benston was farming in Holt Township, Fillmore County, Minnesota thirty miles from the Mississippi River and in a county adjacent to Iowa. The U.S. Census found him there with his wife, Nuie, and their daughter, Ida, who was nine years old. Aaron was 39 (birthday in May of 1861) and Nuie was 32 (birthday in February of 1868). Both Aaron and Nuie's parents were from Norway. Aaron was born in Wisconsin. Nuie was born in Minnesota. Ida was born in South Dakota in March of 1891.

    In 1905 the Wisconsin State Census found Aaron living with his 33year old brother, Joseph, at Maple Grove, Barron County, Wisconsin. Aaron was widowed.

    Aaron was remarried by May 1910 when the census was taken. He was living with his wife, Cora, and his 18 year old stepdaughter, Carry Holloway,  and,  according to the U.S. Census form,  his adopted daughter,  Ida C. Benston,  then 19 years old. Aaron was farming then. Cora's parents were both born in New York. She was born in Michigan. Carry was born in Wisconsin.  Her father had been born in Indiana.

    In 1900 Cora Holloway was living with her husband William W. Holloway and three of their children, Floyd, 15,  Claude,  10, and Carrie,  8.  They had been married 17 years. They were at Maple Grove,  Barron County,  Wisconsin.

    By the 1905 Wisconsin State Census,  Cora was widowed and had one more child, Clarence E. Holloway,  aged 2.

    Aaron died at the Bullion Mine on August 20, 1910.  His effects according to the Coroner's Record were a “Leather [illegible]. Red Diary. Razor & strap. 1 pocket comb. Key wind silver watch & chain $10 bill. $2.15 change.” Cause of death was listed as “Forest Fire" "Suffocation”.  He was buried temporarily at the mine with the seven others who died there.  He was then buried in the Grand Mound section of the Nine Mile Cemetery at Wallace, Idaho in a common grave with four of the others who had died at the Bullion Mine.


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