The Idaho Press August 25, 1910


Men Stay With Him Til They See Lives
of All in Peril All Nearly Blind.

    MULLAN, Aug. 22. -- The most pitiful sight ever witnessed in Mullan occurred Sunday morning when the 15 survivors of the Boulder creek fire limped into town. All were staggering and all carried their arms in the air. They were badly burned and the only relief that could be obtained was by holding their hands up by their faces, which also were burned. Some of the men were blind from the flames that had burned them and they held on to the men in front of them. They walked in single file and they made a most distressing spectacle. They were so overcome that they could not at first give coherent account of what had occurred.
    One of the men had been left in the woods nearly dead. The injured men tried to bring him along with them, but he was exhausted and near dead that there was danger of all losing their lives if they remained with him. The men, after they were injured, carried him for some distance but they finally were forced to leave him. He was believed to be dying at the time.
    J. G. Danielson, the forestry officer in charge of the crew is deserving of the highest honors. Although he was badly injured he kept the men together and it is due to him that all but one escaped.
    The men were caught between four different fires. They rushed through the blaze and it was then that they were first injured.
    In emerging from the first fire one was more badly burned than the others. It was necessary to continue through the flames again and the injured man was packed along. They carried him with them while the trees falling upon them and the hot blasts of flame were continually burning them. They took turns in carrying him. At last the fire became so fierce that it was an utter impossibility to continue with the man if they all did not want to lose their lives, so he was left to his fate. He was unconscious and it was believed that he was near death at the time.
    To escape the flames one of the men leaped over a 35-foot cliff. He sustained severe injuries besides his burns.




One Man Brought to Mullan believed
to be Breemer.

    MULLAN, Aug. 22.-- Of the three dead from Boulder creek only one has been brought in here. The other two still lie where they fell. The man brought in is believed to be Breemer who formerly worked at the Morning mine. The identity of the other two cannot be learned.