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Other Great Fires



Other great fires in the United States and Canada are listed in Betty Spencer's The Big Blowup.
Some of those fires and others are described in detail in Stewart Holbrook's Burning an Empire.
The Natural Resources Canada website is the reference for the Porcupine and Chapleau-Mississagi Fires







1825 Miramichi Fire 3,000,000   acres burned in New Brunswick and Maine 180  people killed
1846 Yaquina Fire 450,000   acres burned in Oregon
1853 Nestucca Fire 320,000   acres burned in Oregon 
1865 Silverton fire 1,000,000   acres burned in Oregon
1868 Coos Fire 300,000   acres burned in Oregon
1871 Peshtigo Fire 1,280,000   acres burned in Wisconsin 1500  people killed
1871 3,500,000   acres burned in Michigan 10  people killed
1876 Bighorn Fire 500,000   acres burned in Wyoming
1881 1,000,000   acres burned in Michigan 138  people killed
1894 Hinkley Fire 160,000   acres burned in Minnesota 418  people killed
1903 Adirondack Fire 450,000   acres burned in New York
1910 the Big Blowup 3,000,000   acres burned in Wash., Ida. and Mont. 92  people killed
1910 Baudette Fire 300,000   acres burned in Minnesota
1911 Porcupine Fire 490,000   acres burned in Ontario 70  people killed
1918 Cloquet Fire 250,000   acres burned in Minnesota 400  people killed
1933 Tillamook Fire 311,000   acres burned in Oregon
1948 Chapleau-Mississagi Fire 690,000   acres burned in Ontario